December 2, 2010


Times they are a changin’

November 17, 2010

Since the launch of Issue 1 of Self Indulged, the online mag has received over 28,000 ‘reads’ a figure which I am absolutely blown away by.  The mag stats are recorded differently from the website (the mag can also be read from other ‘external’ sites) which has received over 200,000 hits since the launch (by the way, there’s only 3 days left to go into the draw to win an ipad so subscribe HERE).  As a result a few things will be changing. This blog will move to the website and the blog and mag will all be hosted there.  At the moment I’m twittering, facebooking, blogging here, maintaining Self Indulged and then there’s my portfolio site…….

To prevent my brain having a complete melt down and to give me more time to actually shoot I have to sacrifice this site and merge it with Self Indulged, this will also be of benefit next year while I am travelling….Self Indulged in tow 🙂  I’ve moved most of the content and I’m still figuring out how to migrate the blogroll etc to  For those of you who have a link to this site on your blog, it would be appreciated if you could change that when the other site goes live….which, fingers crossed, should be soon. 

In the meantime check out the images below and drool over this AWESOME Kata Bumblebee bag which is the prize for the “Where’s Dave?’ competition in Issue 2….due out 1st Dec 2010!

(And….before you ask….no, the prize doesn’t come with the camera gear!!)

Tiny Terminal

October 26, 2010

Tiny Central Station_Sandra Herd

I’m a huge fan of this sort of tiny town perspective – I blame my parents for taking me to all of those model villages when I was a kid growing up in the UK. Sadly, I got excited when I discovered that there was a miniature village ‘Cockington Green’ in Canberra. I love the work of Keith Loutit who combines this look with timelapse to produce some wonderful footage. On the weekend I ‘found’ this image of Grand Central Station which I took while I was in New York a while ago and it was just crying out to be transformed into a ‘Tiny Terminal’.

On the rocks.

October 6, 2010

Quinns Rock Sandra Herd

When I first looked at this image in lightroom I thought I must’ve knocked the tripod while I was shooting because it looked like a double exposure on the rocks at the back….on closer inspection it was the sea spray from the wave that was making it look this way.  After getting back from Bali it’s really made me appreciate just how beautiful (and thankfully mostly rubbish free) our Perth beaches are. The beaches I saw in Nusa Dua were particularly disappointing, covered in rubbish left by the tide each day.  Very glad to come home to this…Definitely the lucky country.


October 5, 2010


Self Indulged was featured on Wangle today. It’s a great site and really flies the flag for all things West Australian.

Thanks Wangle!

Check it out HERE

Bali Blues

October 4, 2010

Tanah Lot_Bali_Sandra Herd

I just recently got back from my first ever ‘jaunt’ to Bali. Four hours on the plane and we were there in the warmth of Bali leaving the chilly Perth mornings behind.  I actually found it quite difficult shooting in Bali it was a struggled to capture nice light and sunsets were disappointing…actually they were none existent. We’d visited Tanah Lot to get the ‘sunset’ shot but the clouds were thick and grey and alas there was no sunset. The sky turned from grey to dark grey and I thought my photo op had vanished. As we walked over to where the ‘fire dance’ was taking place we passed Batu Bolong Temple just up the beach and I managed to get this shot which I’m actually pretty pleased with.  I only got 2 shots away because we were running late for the show…I would’ve liked ‘softer’ water but was restricted to the 30 second exposure as I had no time to rummage around for my cable and it was pretty much black out there. I managed to focus using the live view function, it’s not the Tanah Lot shot I set out to get but there’s something about this image that I really like.

I’ll be processing more Bali shots for Self Indulged….got a killer sunrise shot from the top of a volcano….the hike to the top in the dark nearly bloody killed me. I’ve decided I need to buy a lighter tripod. I’ve also decided it’s time to get back to the gym!

Playing catch-up

September 29, 2010


I do believe in my last post I said I would post some images of the rally…..and then September fell into a big hole and in a few days it will be October.

So, here I am playing catch-up with a few photos of the rally….starring Mr Fletcher in the middle shot spruiking on behalf of us West Aussies. Standing up in front of all of those people would put the wind up anybody but he did a fantastic job, especially as Ken Duncan was such a hard act to follow! He conveyed the message that the rules over here in WA seem to be a bit more relaxed…which was true until just this week the council responsible for Cottesloe Beach decided to add a whole heap of new rules. One is the banning of commercial photography without a permit. Hmmm…yes that’s getting old but wanting to ban the flying of kites….well that’s just outrageous! Quick…we need to hold another rally! I LOVE watching kites (just got back from Bali – plenty of kites there and no anti-fun police). And who among us hasn’t squealed in fear and excitement, holding the string as the pointy end spirals out of control at lightening speed towards the top of your head.  Get a grip Cottesloe Council!!

The other news is that the new online mag SELF INDULGED is going great guns!

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the mag so far and for the kind emails and comments that have been flooding in. Tell your friends to subscribe for the chance to win an iPad. Subscription is FREE, hell the mag is FREE so there’s no excuse for not taking a peek.

Self Indulged Issue 1

If you haven’t flipped through it yet check it out HERE and help me continue to spread the word. There are plenty more rally photos inside and links to photo competitions with some great prizes.  The Where’s Dave? competition has been won but there’ll be another chance to win in Issue 2.