On the rocks.

Quinns Rock Sandra Herd

When I first looked at this image in lightroom I thought I must’ve knocked the tripod while I was shooting because it looked like a double exposure on the rocks at the back….on closer inspection it was the sea spray from the wave that was making it look this way.  After getting back from Bali it’s really made me appreciate just how beautiful (and thankfully mostly rubbish free) our Perth beaches are. The beaches I saw in Nusa Dua were particularly disappointing, covered in rubbish left by the tide each day.  Very glad to come home to this…Definitely the lucky country.

6 Responses to On the rocks.

  1. True North Mark says:

    No place like home Treash!

  2. hodgy1 says:

    A different type of seascape Sandy, The rocks look like they are almost hot with steam coming off them.

  3. peta says:

    I like it Sandy, it does make you look twice though…love the green on the rocks…

  4. Thanks Peta…it was the green that drew me over to those rocks in the first place.

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