Bali Blues

Tanah Lot_Bali_Sandra Herd

I just recently got back from my first ever ‘jaunt’ to Bali. Four hours on the plane and we were there in the warmth of Bali leaving the chilly Perth mornings behind.  I actually found it quite difficult shooting in Bali it was a struggled to capture nice light and sunsets were disappointing…actually they were none existent. We’d visited Tanah Lot to get the ‘sunset’ shot but the clouds were thick and grey and alas there was no sunset. The sky turned from grey to dark grey and I thought my photo op had vanished. As we walked over to where the ‘fire dance’ was taking place we passed Batu Bolong Temple just up the beach and I managed to get this shot which I’m actually pretty pleased with.  I only got 2 shots away because we were running late for the show…I would’ve liked ‘softer’ water but was restricted to the 30 second exposure as I had no time to rummage around for my cable and it was pretty much black out there. I managed to focus using the live view function, it’s not the Tanah Lot shot I set out to get but there’s something about this image that I really like.

I’ll be processing more Bali shots for Self Indulged….got a killer sunrise shot from the top of a volcano….the hike to the top in the dark nearly bloody killed me. I’ve decided I need to buy a lighter tripod. I’ve also decided it’s time to get back to the gym!

7 Responses to Bali Blues

  1. True North Mark says:

    Yep I reckon that works Sandy..I am hearin’ ya on the lighter tripod bit and also the goin’ to the gym bit as well!

    I am joining up this week!

    • Good on you…I went to a pump class for the first time in months yesterday and boy oh boy did I ache this morning! Maybe once we’ve done some time at the gym we won’t actually need lighter tripods! 😉

  2. peta says:

    Great to see a different take on a well photographed tourist spot. I love the blues in it. Sounds like you need a carbon fibre tripod..or a porter…

  3. True North Mark says:

    Or both!

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