Extra… Extra… Read all about it!

Sydney Opera House


The rally in Sydney over the weekend AND the launch of my new online magazine SELF INDULGED

The rally seemed to be a huge success, I’ve included an article in my online mag about it along with photos from the day….did I mention that it’s now live?

I’ll be posting some images from the rally before the end of the week but right now I’m off to get some much needed sleep.

12 Responses to Extra… Extra… Read all about it!

  1. True North Mark says:

    Nicely done party girl! Sleep tight!

  2. MatthewSaul says:

    cool shot Sandy, its a shame i didn’t meet you over there! did you have a good trip? sydney is cool!

  3. This shot is beautiful! Well done!

  4. johitchcock says:

    Nice image. What exactly is Ken trying to achieve with the rally – what do pro photographers need to know/do?

    • Hi Jo,
      Basically he’s trying to stop councils, local authorities and gvt authorities from charging photographers unreasonable fees for taking photos. AFA site is HERE if you want to check it out. The assumption is that if you’re a ‘professional’ photographer then you’ll make money with the image…obviously this is very rarely the case. In Canberra earlier this year I was told I would need a permit to photograph parliament house…why?? I’d already been inside taking photos that day. There is no consistency and even the gvt departments don’t really know what their own rules are. Check out the site for all the info…I think you’ll be surprised that such riduculous laws exist!

  5. True North Mark says:

    Hey Sandy…have I achieved the mission yet with the epic Trini shot you challenged me for!

  6. peta says:

    Nice image and love your mag….

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