Macro Mania!

Macro Mania by Sandy@SHOTS

Couldn’t resist posting the second bee 😉

10 Responses to Macro Mania!

  1. True North Mark says:

    NIce macro work there Sandy!

    A macro lens is certainly on my Xmas list!

  2. Des Vlietstra says:

    Welcome to the world of
    The Birds and the Bees
    The Flowers and the Trees

    Great shots Sandy
    Macro is a lot of fun
    its not always the bigger picture
    but its wahst is in the detail

  3. True North Mark says:

    Indeed Sandy…he’s gonna have to carry in a 1Ds MK4 as well!

  4. hehe…not if he delivers it to my house first 😉

  5. Dave Catley says:

    Nice images Sandy, macro certainly opens opens up a whole new world of photography 🙂

  6. mervfrench says:

    Now that’s up close and personal.

    Where did you find these flowers this time of the year?

    • Hi Merv
      The little purple flowers are everywhere at the moment but these were shot at Kings Park. Wireless Hill park has a few flowers and lots of Banksia but will have another shot at the macro when the wildflower season kicks off.

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