New Canon and Nikon Lenses?

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While I’m posting ‘quirky’ I thought I’d post these fabulous Canon Lens coffee mugs. They look like great fun as long as you don’t pour your brew into your real 70-200m by mistake….that could be messy!  I reckon I’d have to go for the 70-200 ‘cos I’m a bit of a coffee fiend. Ha! I’m going to get one so that I can measure my coffee intake by lens size 😉

gsmarena 001 Nikon camera lens thermos is pure awesome

And, as always, Nikon are right there too….at the forefront of coffee technology. Come on Nikon…show us your 200-400m…now that would hold some coffee!!

5 Responses to New Canon and Nikon Lenses?

  1. Dave Catley says:

    Haha, I love em 🙂

    Wouldn’t you just love to go to some big photographer get together, get out your 70-200 L series, put in on the table and pour hot coffee into it.

    How many photographers would dive across the table to stop you doing it before they realised it was hollow 😎

  2. Hey Dave,
    You should get one and try out your theory at an AIPP meeting 😉

  3. glenn says:

    this would be a great practical joke to pull!

  4. Mark says:

    when I scrolled past looking but not reading I really had a double take, what a great find

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